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Federal crimes are complex and incredibly intricate criminal cases. Despite the difference in punishments and penalties if convicted, the federal criminal procedure process varies from state criminal cases. It is essential that you work with a criminal defense attorney who understands how to approach federal criminal cases.

At David E. Deal & Associates in Indianapolis, our leading attorney has decades of experience helping clients throughout Indiana with their federal criminal cases. As a former prosecutor, he deeply understands the legal process from both sides. Having worked on over 3,000 criminal cases throughout his career, you can trust his experience and knowledge in and out of the courtroom.

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A crime is classified as federal when it violates United States federal law. Various crimes may fall under federal jurisdiction, including those on federal property or that cross state lines, such as weapons or drug trafficking.

We can help you with a variety of federal criminal cases, including:

Prosecutors and law enforcement at the federal level are vastly different than at the state level. With fewer cases and more resources, federal prosecutors are often more prepared and less likely to accept a plea deal. The court procedures themselves also differ in federal courts. Federal judges have different standards and use different procedures that require a separate area of knowledge and experience to navigate.

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A federal criminal case should only be handled by an attorney with the experience to successfully guide you through the process. At David E. Deal & Associates, we understand what’s at stake. We will fight aggressively to protect your freedom and save you from damaging charges on your criminal record.

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