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Even though crimes involving some sort of fraud are generally nonviolent and nonthreatening, a conviction could still lead to significant jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. The wise course of action is to immediately retain the support of an Indiana criminal defense attorney from David E. Deal & Associates.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney David Deal has an insider’s knowledge of criminal prosecution. With our assistance, we can help you disprove any accusations of fraud, leading to a complete case dismissal, or have your charges lessened.

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Understand The Multiple Forms of Fraud

Fraud is a type of white collar crime and, like other such crimes, poses the risk of harsh consequences. If you have been accused of fraud, you need to know the details of the accusations in order to properly challenge them. In our 20+ years of service to the people of Indianapolis, our criminal defense firm has learned how to refute accusations about several types of fraud.

  • Credit/debit card fraud: A very common form of fraud that involves using another’s credit card to access funds or personal information, or to make an illegal purchase.
  • Check fraud: Although less regularly occurring today than it was a decade ago, check fraud is still a serious white collar crime that involves making or using falsified checks to unlawfully access funds that may not even exist.
  • Bank fraud: Sometimes considered the most serious form of fraud, bank fraud can allow someone to illegitimately obtain assets and entire pieces of property. In other cases, people have been convicted after allegedly posing as an authentic financial institution.
  • Identity theft: Any time someone’s private identifying information is unlawfully acquired, used, or sold, identity theft has occurred.

Although these are some of the most common forms of fraud, it is important to understand that nearly any act of deceit or dishonesty that leads to an unlawful act, especially wrongful financial gain, can be considered fraud.

Proven Defenses Against Fraud Charges

The criminal defense lawyers at our firm are able to analyze the evidence against you, no matter how significantly it might seem to be stacked, and pick it apart. With proper preparation and a solid case, we might be able to prove that you had no knowledge that your actions were fraudulent, or that you did not act with any criminal intent. It is also entirely possible that you might only seem to be tied to fraudulent crimes but actually had no relation to the activities. Regardless of how far we need to go to protect your rights, we are prepared to fight on your behalf.

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