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Client Reviews

I would recommend David to anyone.

“David was my Attorney in a very involved DUI case. His diligence and thoroughness was absolutely amazing. His knowledge of the law and procedural awareness was unmatched by the Prosecutors. My case was dismissed due to his investigative abilities. I would recommend David to anyone that wants a fair and just settlement. It would be hard to imagine anyone equal to his abilities. He and his staff are that good. You will not be disappointed.”


That courtroom is his Playground. Legendary.


I knew I could trust David.

“I had the pleasure of getting to know David a few years ago when he successfully represented me in a legal matter. I was able to see first hand what an extremely knowledgeable, well respected, hard working attorney he is. I had absolutely no doubts when I contacted him recently to handle my young adult son’s legal issues. I knew I could trust David to obtain the outcome that would have the least impact on my son’s future. He has gone above and beyond my expectations with each case.”

April H.

Second to none.

“David’s knowledge of how the court system works is second to none!”


Filled With Appreciation

“I am more than pleased with Attorney David Deal and his team. Mr. Deal was called by myself, a frantic Mother addressing the needs of my daughter. We needed an attorney for incidents that could have forever change her life. Together with his knowledge and expertise in the legal field, David won our battle and my daughter to include our family has peace that comes from a successful win. I will always be grateful for Attorney Deal.”

T. Corbin